Wednesday, September 2, 2015

30-Day NEWS Challenge: Days 1 & 2

It's already September! Merry Christmas! LOL

But seriously, I always greet people "Merry Christmas" every September 1st. But this year, I also marked this month as NEWS Challenge Month.

I saw a post on my Facebook timeline about this. By the way, NEWS is my favorite JPOP (Japanese Pop) Idols. They are originally a group composed of 9 individuals, but I only become a fan after their comeback as a 4-nin group.

(the original members of NEWS. Can you spot where One Ok Rock's vocalist is? :P )

Although I missed the first day, I still decided to go for it. On this post, I'll answer 2 questions from the said challenge.

(the current members of NEWS. kawaii~!! :D )


As I have mentioned, I'm just a new fan of this group. My friends introduced NEWS to me not as a singing group, but as cast of a running show Soukon. I remember laughing so hard at their antics in that show. From there, I got interested.

Chankapaana is NEWS's 14th single and their 1st as a 4-nin group. This is also my first NEWS song. I seriously fell in love with this song. It's catchy, lively and had this we're back feeling. I immediately memorized its melody. I can already hum the whole song after listening to it twice.

I also like its PV (Promotional Video). NEWS as The Olds are so funny. Hahaha! The dance steps? Very easy to memorized (although I can't dance it. Sorry).


Also known as Wallet-san, Kei-chan is the current leader of the group. He is also my favorite member and Ultimate Bae. *giggles*

(Keiichiro Koyama = massive nosebleed)

I used to laughed at him when I first saw him at Soukon. I was like "What the hell is he doing?" He also had this silly segment on the said show where they wear different shades or used another thing instead of a ribbon at the finish line that I found... silly. 

(Can you guys blame me for laughing at him?)

But after watching (and reading facts about) them, I soon found myself admiring this very funny guy. My hearts goes to him after reading his story during their hiatus. I can imagine how sad he was then. I fell in love with him more and more as I discover new things about him. He likes sweets. He becomes a news (yes, news) anchor. He loves kids. Who wouldn't fall for this guy?

(He's not just a member of NEWS. He also delivers it.)

I have so many crushes, to be honest. But Kei-chan is the only man that I would love to marry, if possible. *sigh* 


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