Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kalafina: My Favorite JPop Female Group

Meet Kalafina. My favorite JPop group.

I got to know them when I was watching Kuroshitsuji. Their song, Lacrimosa, is the ending song of the said anime. I was really hooked on that song the first time I heard it. It was so beautiful. I really like how their voices blend with each other. 

According to Wikipedia, their music is the kind which called Baroque Pop. It is a mash-up of Pop and Classical Music. I love listening to classical music so I guess that's one of the reasons why I really got hooked on them. I also learned that most of their songs are featured as anime themes.

Kalafina members are (from left to right) Wakana, Keiko and HIkaru). Keiko is my favorite member. All their voices are beautiful but I'm really attracted to Keiko's deep voice. A very unique one, too. 

I'm so addicted to Lacrimosa so I decided to search for their other songs. And I'm so glad I did! THEIR MUSIC REALLY IS GREAT! Currently, their music occupies 1/4 the space of my music player (1/4 belongs to Alice Nine and 1/2 to the GazettE). Here are my top 10 fave Kalafina songs:
  • Red Moon
  • Music
  • Hikari Furu
  • Eden
  • Lacrimosa
  • Serenato
  • Fairytale
  • Progressive
  • Mune no Yukue
  • Magia
Because of my fondness to this group, I came up with a story based on them. I'm currently on my 6th chapter for Sonia/Keiko's story (I named them after my favorite PHR novelist btw).

I hope I can finish all of them. Goodluck to me!


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